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Where Truth Awaits

Deep at our core, truth awaits.

There, woven throughout the distractions, poor habits, unhealthy choices, cynical views and self-doubt; embers of awareness, hope, truth, faith and self-love smolder.

Each awaiting for the invitation to ignite and consume our heart, thus consuming our thought and action. One of the greatest gifts we can receive is the willingness and acceptance to see ourselves just as we are. Whole, healthy, bruised, bent, possibly fractured in places but completely deserving and of value to sit at the table alongside love, happiness, peace of mind, authenticity and all of that which feeds our soul.

Many folks (including myself for a time) simply skim surface of our potential, creating characters out of our life experiences based on who we feel we “should be” or who others “want/need us to be,” all the while feeling as though something significant may be missing...even when we can’t quite put our finger on it. The nudging gives way to a voice that cries out for gentle understanding. Our response often is to quickly shut it down, returning to trade offs which leaves us feeling more unfulfilled as the cycle of “filling up” on outside sources, accolades, compliments continues. Superficial fulfillment offers up temporary pseudo feelings of safety. Serving as a deterrent to “feeling” and seeing our truth.

As a human “being” sometimes we will hit the mark, other times we miss the whole stinking board. Each can be crafted into a win....that is, if you choose. Ultimately it's you against you. Regardless of what others have said or done “to” you, as an adult the decision is ours to rise above harnessing a skill set evolve, living your best life or stay stuck in others mindsets.

Wresting ghosts of days gone by is not only mentally exhausting, it’s emotionally paralyzing and leaves one literally empty handed with no resolve in sight. What if things didn’t happen to you, but rather for you?

What if you chose to reframe depleting and begin extracting the nuggets that empower you?

May you embrace the warmth of those freshly sparked embers and begin to gently and mindfully breathing life into them. Teri

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