Signature and Transformational talks
 Keynote - Workshops - Story Telling - Retreats
ideal for:  Universities  - Conferences - Offices - Church & Spiritual Communities and Schools! 

I could use fancy credentials and such in an attempt to impress you, but instead I think I’ll simply say

I love this work! With over two decades experience,  I bring real life experiences, straight forward

questions and answers, humor and a heap of compassion.

I love helping folks connect the dots and navigate life's hiccups, road blocks and zingers from left field. 


So what do I speak on? The good stuff of course, A to Z, how to "Transcend Turbulence" in our lives.

Talks are framed around 60 & 90 minutes. Workshop/Discussions are framed around your needs 90 minutes up to full day (6 hour) sessions. Retreats are framed from 1 to 5 days - Whatever fits your need.   

Customize your own topic or choose from a few (below) and I will blend it into the right

and perfect presentation for your group.

 The domino effect of unresolved grief/loss, pain, anger, limiting beliefs, etc., not only weighs

heavy on our heart and mind, over time results in a state of “dis-ease”, which

shows up in a variety of discomforts in our physical, as well as emotional and mental

states. The good news - we can choose empowerment to shift that!


Bottom line, sometimes we forget the amazingness of who we are. Then we forget we’ve forgotten.

I help folks connect the dots from numbness, disconnect or disbelief to feeling safe inside their “self” again.

The take away - They are able to then begin living fully. 


~ Bookings for audiences of any size and folks of any age ~

Get comfy - Sit back - Be Inspired - Empower yourself and Get cozy with your awesomeness!

For details and pricing on group & event speaking or

 to discuss presentation, workshop or retreat options 

please Call 615.513.2700 

Always an absolute fantastic time presenting at the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia Annual Conferences

Folks I've spent time with ...

* Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia

* University of Evansville

* Senior Services Network

* TEDx

* Vanderbilt University

* Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens &Funeral Home

* Putnam County School District

* Riverbend Maximum Security Prison

* WSM 650 AM Radio

* Metro Social Services

* Cole and Garrett Funeral Home

* Fifty Forward

* Riverbend Maximum Security Prison

 * For Moms Only name a few

For Moms Only Group

"Grieving mothers supporting each other through hope and love"

Gaylord Convention and Resort 

"Teri is one of a kind. She is amazing at what she does! You will come away with truly a renewed outlook!"

                                                                                                                                                              ~ Anne Marie Stills    

"Teri Pugh is an outstanding presence and a great speaker! Her compassion is so evident and her desire for her audience to heal is so prevalent. Her story is an amazing one of loss and grief and love and triumph. Teri's expertise is top-notch and her delivery flows so well." 

                                                                                                                              ~ Dez Stephens., Radiant Health Institute

"Teri's wisdom and insight into grief and loss has helped me through several different types of grief. Her words often come to me at the exact moment I need to hear them. Such a loving and giving heart!"   

                                                                                                                                                             ~ Sandy Bishop 

"Teri 's facilitated “Empty Nest Syndrome” sessions during our Family Weekend in ’14 and ’15. Parents left with a new fresh, hopeful perspective, ready to allow their children the opportunity to grow into who they were meant to be. She's a valuable asset and much appreciated."

                                                                                                                            ~ Angela W., University of Evansville, IN