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Sitting outside this fall morning, I hear a dog bark off in the distance, the occasional car going down the street and the rustle of leaves as the squirrels forage for sustenance to carry back to their nests preparing for the change of season.

I am gently reminded seasons are gift. The trees once crowed with foliage now filled with birds as the leaves have begun to drop, creating a blanket of color across the dewy the ground.

I find comfort in the stillness. Mornings like this fill my soul. The sun feels just a bit warmer as the light creates new shadow pattens through the remaining leaves.

The colors just a bit more crisp.

The coffee, just a bit more delicious, as though with every sip, my taste buds are experiencing it for the first time. In this stillness I know everything is already all right.

When you have these moments of clarity, I challenge you to sit within them without distraction. Take a deep breath in, then exhale - leaning in to the truth that when you stay present inside your body and mind you create an authentic connection with your purpose, your past and your future. The present moment is why we exist.

There’s there’s no need to distract.

There’s need to numb.

There’s no need to take an edge off. There’s no need to want for or long for anything or anyone outside of yourself.

Then when you’re ready to start the day, gently begin folding  four corners of your peace-filled experience to the center with love, appreciation and gratitude, because the moment my friend is a gift. A gift you can carry all throughout the day and revisit. No matter the waves of chaos, noise, discord or fear that come your way during the next 24 hours, never forget the beautiful gift that has preceded them to gently remind you of your Devine birthright.

A willing to bring our energy and thought back to the present affords time and connection to the gift of increasing our peace.

Now go on git!

Connect with the Devine within your stillness. Allowing the moment to cultivate your


Finding balance in the blur, Teri 🧡

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