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Individual - Couple/Family Sessions

 YOUR health, life, joy and success are in your hands!

Let's work together and gently replace old thinking and patterns

with a better sustainable fit for you! 


Together we'll dissolve any roadblocks which have kept you emotionally paralyzed, living small or hiding from your potential and purpose. 

         In Office - Skype - Zoom - FaceTime

Loss & Grief

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Loss is what we experience - Grief is what we feel. 

Grief is anchored in loss.

Loss can be from any experience or age.

It can be subtle or hit with full force.

Loss turns our world upside down.

LOSS can be defined as physical death or

loss of identity, security, trust or voice.

Retirement, divorce, diagnosis or adoption.

Loss of independence, a pet, childhood trauma

or maybe you just feel "Meh" and not quite sure why.

Get cozy with identifiers like Emotional Intelligence,

Self-Kindness and The Littles.

Connect the dots and begin making sense of why you feel the way you do

and why the pattern repeats. 

Pain and disconnect can quickly become our normal, taking 

over our well-being.

~ Grief is a taboo topic, I'm here to help change that ~ 


Effective Communication & Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation: Sometimes folks can be challenging. Let's face it, sometimes we're that person. We find ourselves defending our thoughts, words and actions. We become activated, emotional and may listen only "reply," rather than listen or to "hear" what's being shared. 

Effective communication: An invitation to show up unarmed, with no expectation of the outcome yet equipped to begin and hold healthy dialogue. 

We can ALL find ways to begin and maintain healthy non-aggressive dialogue

when we "choose" to show up willing & aware. 

10% of conflict is a difference in opinion.

The remaining 90% is a result of tone and non-verbal expression.


Habitual Stuff

(mindsets, self-sabotage)

Addiction is an intertwining of untruths, fear, loss,

unresolved grief and numbing.

Loss is inevitable and when it shows up it can leave us feeling unmotivated, alone, overwhelmed and unworthy. When this happens we find ourselves seeking fillers or a quick fix to ease pain or numb feelings. Often times these unhealthy habitual choices lead to addictive thinking, which can and often does result in addictive behaviors.


Addiction IS NOT JUST an unhealthy relationship with a chemical based drug and alcohol. Truth is, most folks are addicted to something. So you're not into drugs or alcohol?

Other drugs of choice look like: sex, shopping, social media, cell phones, work, toxic relationships, food, self-image, video games, anger, rescuing/saving, self-sabotage, unhappiness, people pleasing... for starters.


Regardless of our drug of choice, the addiction is rooted in LOSS or "a void."

Willingness, accountability, and Self-Kindness accompanied with a healthy commitment

and realistic plan of action are the primary tools you'll need to begin building a happier, healthier self. Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it? Just ask my clients.


Rediscover, Reconnect, Reclaim YOU!


The Littles

The YOU, you never outgrew

Our Little(s) resides deep within our adult self. Littles are the residual energy of the emotionally "pinged" stages throughout life.

We are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually pinged at many ages.  

Anxiousness, helplessness, frustration, feeling overwhelmed or full of shame are just a few of our feelings. These are the physical and emotional messengers traveling upward as your resting little struggles to find a way to offer up a false sense of protection.

We bring them along with us as we grow.

How does it present in our adult life?

Passive aggressiveness, manipulation, anger, frustration, defensiveness and shame.


Even the healthiest folks find themselves in stagnant, toxic waters from time to time. We bring a part of our past into everything we do; our giggles and grins, our pensiveness, our unresolved grief/loss and our emotions.  At any point in our relationship we can become activated by one or any of our “unpacked baggage.” 

Left unaddressed they typically amplify. If you reflect, you can probably see how it's unfolded throughout life. At the core we crave very similar things when it comes to feeling accepted, respected, heard, validated and loved.

Reviewing our trigger history affords an opportunity to recognize self-sabotaging or habitual behaviors and thought patterns. During your sessions you will discover tools that will enable you to continue and maintain healthy, effective communication, set boundaries, recognize healthier options and break long standing cycles of personal and professional destruction.


You will recognize through this process begin re-framing the fragmented pieces and reintroduce your little to your big. You will ease into fun, creativity and the childlike joy perhaps something you've never experienced.

A commitment to this process will position you to pull from new skill-sets as you move through expected and unexpected obstacles with patience, self-kindness and understanding.

Raising awareness allows you to create your next right step. Recognizing your bounce back or recovery time is much shorter as healthier pathways of acting and reacting are established. 


Empowerment & Confidence

Searching for "Enoughness?" Well good news, it's been with you all along!  

Often we adopt other folks beliefs along our journey. Sometimes those folks are our closest friends and family. The kicker... their beliefs have nothing, nada, zilch to do with us!

When we choose (consciously or otherwise) live with such limitations, they manipulate and navigate our course sometimes onto a path of self destruction.

Who has time or energy for that?! 

Together we can reconnect you with what invites health & happiness

back into your life. YOU are worth it! 

Pricing and Payments

 Major Credit Cards Accepted:

Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express

Payments can also be made via:

Venmo or Zelle by calling 615-513-2700

Individual Package Options    

                     60 min -  $90.

90 min - $115.



60 min - $125. 

90 min - $145. 

Individual Package Options
          5 hrs (reg 450.) - $375.
hrs (reg 900.) - $825.

Couple/Family Package Options

            5 hrs (reg 625) - $575 

           10 hrs (reg 1,250) - $1175 

Currently I do not accept insurance however, your emotional well-being is important and financial constraints should never be a deterrent to personal growth or healing.

To ease this stress, I am happy to discuss payment options.

Please contact me directly for consideration.

Cancellation Policy

 I'm deeply committed to providing clients with exceptional care.

When a client cancels on short notice other miss an opportunity to receive services. 

*Cancellations made 24 hours of scheduled session will result in a $50 fee.

*No Shows or Day of cancelations are charged full session fee.

  *ICFTN member (International Coaching Federation of Tennessee)

* NAPW Member (National Association of Professional Women

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