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The Nudge

I’ve been there. Trying hard to convince myself that pay off for certain work structures equaled happiness and fulfillment. At the time, I turned from my passion. I didn’t feel “good enough.” I ignored the constant nudges urging me to lean into my ability to create and live out a purposed filled life. Not that what I was doing at the time didn’t seem good enough or that I wasn’t doing a good job…

I made due. I lost myself inside jobs that didn’t nourish my soul, but that were “okay for now.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the people I found myself working with…still it was the pseudo safety tethered to the consistent paycheck that kept me planted in the pot that didn’t provide adequate space for me to bloom.

To be honest, I was content in my uncomfortable comfortable as the thought of leaning into what I had been called and guided to do terrified me. In part because I’d been told early on in life…”no one really care why you have to say.” So I unintentionally paralyzed myself, despite the ever present nudge.

I lived small even though it would appear to the outside looking in I was living large. I trusted in another’s limited opinion of me and adopted it as my own. I share this with you today so that if you find yourself trying to convince yourself that you’re living your best life yet still feel an internal nudge to do something just outside your comfort zone…

Perhaps you create a space to begin envisioning what that might look like. We are not born with fear or limits or self-doubt or drained confidence. We are not born with a deficient in our value, worth or security.

As a part of our human experience we pick those up along the way… We can become very comfortable with those emotional and mental hitchhikers or we can learn to tease out what is truly hours and begin leaning into our passion, purpose, potential…There is so much to be discovered…

By leaning into any of your many gifts not only do you benefit but that gift is rippled out to others…

Lean in…

You’re worth it 🧡

~ Big hugs, Teri

#transcendingturbulence not just my company name…A choice in living 🙌🏽.

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