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Mountains into Molehills

Turn your Mountain in to Molehill –

By Teri Pugh

Circumstances do not define our lives and beating ourselves up each time we lose our footing as we continually try knock the cap off our mountain of self-imposed must do’s...doesn't help. We’re each a brilliant, unique beautiful gift to this world, yes, it’s true...even if right now in this moment you may not clearly see it.

Recognize this…your heart beats and your lungs fill with the breath of life automatically, you don’t have the “think” or “make” this happen, trust this process. The more we allow (support) limiting beliefs or circumstances to maintain a death grip around your mind; you restrict your true gift(s) from surfacing.

Your beauty, your heart, your spirit is so much more than any circumstance or limiting belief, and when you tell ourselves anything other than that truth - you are telling Spirit, The Universes, God, Creator (whatever name you use) that you know better than they do…last I checked, I didn’t have to “make” my heart beat of my lungs fill with the breath of life. It’s easy breezy, imagine the sense of calm and peace that could permeate your life if you stepped back for just a few minutes to ground and really assessed the pressure you knowingly or heap on yourself.

Grounding can be a form of a jumpstart for you to achieve a clearer prospective and really assess your mountain through a new lens. Taking this time and disengaging from the notion that you must do everything, or else can create a much more manageable and much less stressful. If you find yourself paralyzed by the overwhelming pile of ‘To-Do’s” in front of you, and stress and anxiety have become permanent residents in your mind or if your list(s) seem overwhelming, so much so that you have found yourself just pushing everything to the side hoping it goes away…just be mindful that your pile will take on a life of its own and continue to grow, before long your molehill has become a certified mountain, but don’t fret, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or at least, balance at the bottom of that hill.

If you find yourself in this paradigm, perhaps it is time to take a step back, take in a few slow focused deep cleansing breaths and ask yourself, “What can I do today?”, maybe even, “What can I do in the next two hours”? Both options will help realign you with a clearer vision of what needs to be prioritized and addressed first.

Honing in on what tasks you can do in small increments will ensure that the task at hand is completed. Begin by taking a portion of the mountain and sectioning it out into a smaller more manageable monthly/weekly “to-do” list, we’re not done yet…now take it one step further, break that monthly/weekly list down into a daily “to-do” list. What does that feel like; more manageable? Use post-it’s, phone or watch alarms, white boards, even enlist the help of a reliable friend to help keep you in check with you accountability; whatever will keep you on task as reminder of what’s on your list for the day. It does not have to be a big list, whatever feels realistically manageable to you and only you. The issue that arises for many of us or the seed that births that huge mountain for us can sometime results from out comparison to others. Be mindful, this is about no one but you.

You will find once you begin to take to cap off the mountain progress becomes evident - your energy and mindset can shift and before long your mountain is nothing more than a manageable, much less emotionally overwhelming - molehill.

Here’s to a day of fewer mountains and more manageable molehills, Teri

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