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Contrast -

The contrast of a beautiful life -

Grounded and anchored, the dark and light swirl around us offering the gift of reflection. Each adding to and taking from our energy. We shed, we grow, and cycles continue, we evolve. 

Year after year, adding attachments, year after year adding layers to protect the softness within. Some cut short, some taken down quickly by overwhelming harshness, some slowly decaying on the inside yet still presenting an image of wellness outwardly while others ebb and flow towards the light. 

Seasons afford the opportunity to shed attachments and well as the opportunity to lean into a healthier “being”.  Life is full of contrast. Contrast presents opportunity.

There is always time to shed what no longer serves you however, if you are not mindful of your flow, you may find you do not have the energetic reserves

to release. Find your north...Find your center footing and create the space, time and energy to embrace the beauty, goodness and gifts that are not only yours...but ARE you. 

Here’s to nourishing the soil of your garden. Here’s to inviting new healthy’s into your life.

Here’s to the awareness, courage and energy to prune when necessary. 

Loving deeply, Teri 

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