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The gift -

Updated: Nov 2

Deep within our being, tucked away securely is a gift. Perhaps a gift our conscious never knew existed, or a gift we may have forgotten about, but from time to time the memory of this still unopened gift surfaces. Effortlessly, thoughts flood our mind with anticipation as we ponder silently to ourselves what great unknown gift awaits you beneath the bow and simple wrapping. The feelings that sweep over you can be as overwhelming and the frantic sense of losing our keys, trying to recall the artist to a favorite song that’s on the tip of your tongue, or finding that special memento you seemed to have misplaced. Knowing full well it’s there somewhere but simply unable to recall where and the harder we search for it the more frustrated we become. .

Just as those times when we have given up OUR obsession of recalling the name of the artist, and allow it to rest, somehow it gently surfaces to mind. A willingness to open yourself up to the possibility that if you become calm, and silence your monkey mind - then you can retrace your steps and things become clearer.

The gift that eludes you is no different. Quietly and unassuming it waits out your ego’s game of hide and seek and when the timing is right, it will surface. As you carefully and lovingly unwrap it, you will find there waiting patiently and lovingly all this time… your gifts, potential & purpose.

From my heart to yours, Teri

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