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Reflective Woman

Wrote this sometime ago. I’ve been called to share it today. I’m trusting it finds the perfect heart space to settle within.


Reflective Woman -

I am not a weak woman however, at times I have been weak.

I am not a broken woman  however, I have broken and been broke.

I am not a hateful woman however, I have certainly show up hateful.

I am not a vengeful woman however, I have been vindictive.

I am not a selfish woman, but aware there are times I’ve shown up selfish.

I am not an insecure woman however, I have without question shown up deeply insecure.

I am not a sad woman yet undeniably I’ve been sad.

I am not a hurtful woman however, there have been times I have let myself or others down.

I am a powerful, beautiful, compassionate woman…yet sometimes I feel so much less than.

I am a woman who has mis-stepped and unintentionally shown up in fear, insecurity or silence along this life journey.

In fact, I have stumbled A LOT.

I am a woman who has wrestled with her Littles...and have had to good fortunate to realize their tantrums were rooted in fear of losing what I loved most.

I am a woman calibrated to be coupled...

Yet find myself alone.

I am a woman who is lovable...

I love deeply and that love doesn’t fade easily.

I am a woman evolving everyday...

Diving deeper into myself, even when I want desperately to shun the mirrors reflection.

I am a woman who loves to love, and be loved.

I am a woman who believes in second  chances yet, realizes sometimes they never come.

I am a woman who’s been deep in love and yet still found myself heartbroken.

I am a woman grateful for all that was and remain open to all that will be.

I am a woman who prays everyday for another’s happiness...

Even knowing it will not be shared with me.

While I have lost my footing, more times than I like to admit...My mis-steps along this journey in no way define me. I will forever remain willing to admit and own them.

I am not perfect. What I am is still growing, still evolving and still learning new ways to be the best version of myself.

I am a woman...a woman living, loving and and inviting peace.

Reflective Woman ©️

By: Teri Pugh

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Candy Seaton
Candy Seaton
Nov 09, 2023

I love this Reflective Women Teri. ♥️

Nov 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Candy ❣️

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