Healthy Skill Sets to help navigate life's

curve balls, roadblocks and unexpected chaos

effective Communication - Loss -  Personal & Social Relationship Dynamics -

Habitual Limiting mindsets - Grief - Work/Life Balance ... for starters

Teri Pugh Ph.D., PCC, CHLC


  • Ordained Spiritual Life Consultant   

  • Certified Grief Specialist

  • Professional Certified Coach

  • Certified Holistic Life Coach

  • Certified Hospice Care-Giver

  • Course Facilitator at Riverbend Maximum Security Inst. 

  • TEDx Speaker

  • Certified End Of Life Doula

Resident Life Coach at ...

personal growth, counselor

Since 2013, I've facilitated  classes on personal growth,

 grief awareness, empowering life skills, accountability and vulnerability at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison.

The experience has been profound and life changing

on both ends.  


Gandhi once said, "Be the

change you wish to see in the world", I  couldn't agree more! Teri

"The answers, clarity and strength reside within YOU.

Trust me, more importantly, trust yourself." ~ Teri 


Real talk, despite our best efforts life can get crazy. We can find ourselves riding slow gradual waves of disconnect, anxiety and sadness. Then without warning wake up wondering "How the hell did I get here?!" It's what I call "The uncomfortable comfortable." This unexpected turbulence is a result of life unfolding in ways we never imagined; subtle trauma, loss and job or life responsibilities. We try our best to "deal with" them because "that's just life" right? 

The domino effect of unresolved/unaddressed "stuff" gets heavy and in time can show up in a variety of discomforts within our physical, emotional and mental bodies - leaving us feeling trapped in what I call "invisible shackles." We manage to get by however, don't really feel plugged-in to life, family or even our self. 

This process offers a wide range of life-tools which assist folks in reframing and plugging in to life. The common core of every nugget I share is anchored in:




*Effective Communication

*Boundaries & Releasing

If you're ready to transcend beyond life's crazy and sometimes paralyzing turbulence (maybe for the first time), I promise, together, we can find a soft space where you can begin to feel safe inside yourself while inviting clarity and balance in your life - I'd be honored to help you land there. 

Here's to happier and healthier, 


"Click" TEDx Antioch image above     to watch my TEDx talk:  

"How To Find The Gift In Grief"

"I'm so grateful Teri is in my life and that she participates in my journey. There are so many times when I come to her office feeling "scattered," but she helps me to "re-gather" myself. While I may process several things, she has a remarkable gift for leading me back to the "big picture." Teri is filled with compassion and wisdom, and listens intently. She has walked the walk, and has transcended the daunting turbulence of her own life. She is GENUINE." ~ Michael S., White House, TN