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Yellow Brick Road

We’ve all heard of it – The Yellow Brick Road. It’s the road that’s supposed to lead us to our “happily ever after.”

We may find ourselves questioning from time to time if this road really exists. Speaking from my own experience, it does, and it can be a lovely journey, full all of great events, love, memories, friendships and opportunity.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t road blocks and unforeseen potholes along the way. But, if we have tools to correct our steering and maintain focus, we are better able to navigate through the unexpected hazards. Believe it or not, it will become a much more pleasant journey and less of a doom and gloom highway.

I’ve personally experienced my share of potholes, caught myself moving through life too fast at times and yes, even been involved in a few unexpected emotional wrecks along the way. Looking back, I wonder at times, “How in the world did I survive?” I’ve learned through the years to be grateful for the obstacles and lessons.

Through developing awareness, being brutally honest with myself and a willingness to heal from my past, I’ve gained a healthier outlook on not only my life but on who I am as a person and what I wish to make of my life. I’ve acquired the tools that help me stay focused and navigate around those potholes, remain patient at the road blocks and even steer clear of those emotional wrecks.

There are times I come upon one, but there’s no rubber-necking and no residual whiplash these days. I simply slow down, acknowledge it, process through it and keep moving forward.

It’s life – the Yellow Brick Road is full of traffic congestion, potholes and crossroads where we have to make a choice in the direction of our lives, but it’s equally rich in rest areas, beautiful scenery and wonderful opportunities.

If you’ve found yourself at one these road hazards, here are some suggestions:

Slow down – Take a minute to really get to the core of the issue.

Breathe – Allow yourself to just “be” – don’t act or react…just process.

Reach out – Reaching out for help is not only a courageous step but a loving step in the right direction. We open ourselves up to the opportunity for obtaining the tools and the foresight that will help correct our steering.

Mapping – Acknowledge your role in any situation and reflect on how you got here. Then visualize the direction you want to go, and map it out.

Make a choice – We have a choice: sit idle in the traffic or adjust our mirrors and perspective.

Grab your favorite shades, roll the windows down, crank those tunes, and put your car into drive – proceeding forward into the direction you choose.

Life can become overwhelming at times, but knowing how to take care of ourselves, our hearts and our energy are key factors in making the very most of our situation and life.

There’s a Yellow Brick Road out there pointed in the direction of your happiness. Are you ready to begin the journey?

Teri’s path to wellness and mindful living began over two decades ago. During that time, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, mentor to youth and Hospice care volunteer, since she has expanded her skillsets to Holistic Life Coach, Emotional Regulation, End of Life Doula, Grief and Loss Specialist and Spiritual Life Consulting. Assisting folks process losses and regain direction, clarity, and peace of mind is her calling. Caring, connecting and compassion are everyday staples in her life.

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