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Allowing -

It’s my belief that buried within our deepest turmoil awaits yet another layer of opportunity. Within the deep place we either get lost in the pain or begin the process (however slow it may be) of healing, growing, blooming, evolving, depending on what the experience is offering. In those moments which we are willing to become focused, intentional, and honest with ourselves we often see how we skillfully sabotage (consciously or otherwise) our dreams and aspirations. This is not punitive, simply and observation or growth mindset if you will.

The best self-like and self-love gift one can discover about one's self is that YOU not only have a light....YOU ARE THE LIGHT! This gift of illumination has been with you since your first breath. You may not see it, or feel it’s presence all the time, is there.

There are times we may feel our light is overshadowed or perhaps misplaced; buried under unspoken expectations, responsibilities and identities others may require of us. It is not lost or dimmed. We have simply shifted our attention, our energy, our focus towards something else that may feel a bit energetically or emotionally overwhelming - The light is still there. Allowing time to simply be and to rest (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, will usher back in your clarity.

There is growth and potential in every flicker, every smoldering ember. In those times when your flame feels smothered, remember… It forever smolders. Those embers are awaiting. Bellows of hope, trust and direction patiently wait for the gentle exhale, igniting yet another layer of your resting potential.

Like yourself enough to fall in love with yourself.

The journey is worth it.

YOU are worth it! -Teri

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