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"Transcending our Turbulence to B.L.O.O.M.!"

(Be Luminous On Our Mission)

May 5 - 7,  2017 - Mountain Top Retreat

Valley View Ranch

606 Valley View Ranch Rd. Cloudland, GA 30731

(2.5 hrs. from Nashville, TN.  -  2 hrs.  from Atlanta, GA -  1 hr.  from Chattanooga, TN.)

So you're asking yourself, "Luminous...Mission ?? What the heck is Teri talking about?!"


In short, this is an invitation to show up, breathe, connect (to self, nature and others), un-pack, rejuvenate, laugh, ponder, set an intention, commit to YOU, hike, canoe/kayak, grab a porch swing, eat healthy, stretch beyond, grow....breathe. Plug into life while releasing those old non-serving ways, thoughts, ideas and behaviors so that you can BLOOM and begin nurturing your gifts, your know, your life!

This weekend isn’t your “normal” self-care weekend…It's designed designed to help folks recognize pesky “triggers” which have us repeating self-sabotaging cycles in such areas as: Self-love, Relationships, Communication, Goals, Health, etc.,style is one which invites self-reflection, transformational shifts and laughter!

What’s on the table? 

Workshops/Discussions in, around and on:

*Emotional Regulation - Understanding effective ways to coexist with difficult folks, even when that person is us. 

*Awareness around what LOSS and GRIEF are and how they can manipulate your choices and hijack your life. Define and  recognizing “triggers” – blueprint healthy ways to defuse those emotional charges.  

*Healthy Boundaries - "Adulting" can be exhausting when “our little” calls the shots.  What energy do you invite in?

What energy you give away? 

*Unraveling organized chaos tied to our Self-Sabotaging Cycles - Look at the ways we unknowingly Self-Sabotage our dreams, goals, hopes, relationships, even others happiness-Rediscover the beauty, gift and awesomeness of YOU!

*The importance of your “Next Right Step” -  Self-Care & Love – Permission to breathe life into YOUR Dream (get your hands dirty) - What feeds your soul? More importantly...What’s holding you back? Then redefine your intentions.


*Mindfulness and what it means to B.L.O.O.M - Realign with the whole, healthy person you ARE as you take steps to tap into you Joy, Peace and Clarity…and take away tools to set which will afford you to continue moving into the direction of your highest and best!

Other scheduled activities around session work are:

Fire Circle - Evening fire circles for sharing and reflection. Weather permitting a Burning Bowl Ceremony Saturday evening.

A burning bowl ceremony is a fire ceremony that helps us release old, unwanted conditions. It clears the way for new beginnings. It is a wonderful way of letting go

Sage Circle - We will come together sharing our individual wisdom and leaning into new awareness


Intention Rooted Hike - To and around the Labyrinth for introspect and self- realization.

 Labyrinth - pictured in photos: An intricate path by which one practices intention and mindfulness. A silent practice.       

Workshops/Discussions rooted around transformation topics (referenced above)


...and oodles of Reflection and Laughter, Connection and Rejuvenation.

We're also carving out  "Reflection Time" -

you''ll choose the activity that resonates with you 

YOGA - Sunrise or Sunset - This is a self guided free time for those who practice yoga to reflect in their own space. (mats not included - Please bring your own)

For anyone unfamiliar with yoga but interested, Teri will be avail one session for a "follow along" beginners practice. (limited supply of mats for loan, if you have one hiding in a closet at home, please bring it).


MEDITATION/Silent Reflection - Sunrise Yoga or Sunset. This is a self guided free time for those who to practice  silence in their own space.

For anyone unfamiliar with Meditation, but interested, Teri will be avail one session of "Guided Meditation" for those interested. 


KAYAKING or CANOEING - Our seasoned kayak Guru will be on hand to make sure everyone is having fun and help any novice floaters create amazing memories of the experience. 


HIKING - There are two trails. One roughly 30 minutes - the other an hour

...perhaps a nap, some writing or snapping a few pictures of nature

This is an invitation to create and set in motion sustainable health and happiness that will ripple outward far beyond you.

Plug into life – isn’t it time to let that stuff go? Where better than a mountain top retreat.

Join us and Transcending the Turbulence and B.L.O.O.M!

....and if that's not enough, here are a few more reasons to join us!  

Reserve your space today!

Arrive: Friday, May 5th (check in from 12 noon -1:00 pm cst)

Leave: Sunday, May 7th (packed and headed out 12:30 -1:00 pm cst) 

Welcome and Nuts & Bolts begin at 1:30 pm -

First session to follow at 2:00pm

Schedule of activities and sessions will be handed out at check-in when you are assigned your cabin.

Comfy clothing

Comfy shoes (we will be walking)

Towel (shower & Toiletry needs)

Hair dryer, etc -We're "ranching it, so think Ponderosa :)

5 Meals will be served in the Chuckwagon - Fruit, Nuts & water will be provided during sessions) any other snack/food you should bring.

If interested in water activities - Bathing suite / water shoes / sunscreen

If interested in Yoga - bring your mat. ( I will have only a handful reserved for novice folks).

Bug Spray


What to bring

What you should know

** Welcome and nuts and bolts will begin promptly at 1:30 cst **

Phones & Computers: We're on top of a mountain...that said, cell reception is hit and miss. We will ask that during sessions and activities you leave your phone in the cabin. This weekend is designed to help folks unplug in order to plug are certainly free to use them in your free time. 

Sleeping is in bunk style. You will be assigned a cabin and can choose your bunk. You will have a full bunk, so you can store your belongings on the top one if you like. Guys will be in one cabin, gals in another.

Snacks: If you have certain snacks etc you are responsible for bringing those.

Smoking: There are designated areas - will advise upon arrival.

Cabins: Cabins have Youth showers and toilets.

Shower House: Adult Showers (again we're at a ranch :). Both guys & gals available. 

May 5th - 7th Cloudland GA

What's included:

2 nights accommodations (Bunk style cabin)

5 meals - Friday dinner. Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Sunday, Brunch

5-6 Workshops/ individual & group activities

Other free time activities: Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Kayaking or Canoeing.

Keepsake journal and welcome packet

....and oodles of Reflection and Laughter, Connection and Rejuvenation

** See Cancellation Policy below


All major Credit & Debit Cards are accepted.

Payments can also be made by Cash

or Money Order.

If you are interested in paying 2 payments of 180.00 or paying with cash or money order please contact Teri directly at 615-513-2700

May 5 - 7, 2017


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Event Cancellation by Sponsor

Transcending Turbulence reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. In that event, all registrants will be offered a full refund.


Registration Cancellation by Participant

The deadline to receive a full refund for your registration is 30 days before the event.

(April 5th 11:59pm cst)


Registration cancellations received after between April 5th - and April 21st, 11:59pm cst will be eligible to receive a refund less a $75 service fee.

Cancellations after April 21st 11:59pm cst  will not be eligible for a refund, however can be transferred to another individual with sponsor approval. 


No Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend.

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